Today we were asked to design a lesson around something we found in one of the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) repositories in the module and design a lesson around it. There wasn’t a lot that applies to what I am teaching next term, but I see these resources and a timeline as a useful resource for teaching the history of nursing. Here are the search results for “nurse.” When I taught this subject years ago I had a hard time finding images. As you can see there are many images here. 

The image below is linked to the source and is licensed for non-commercial use with no derivatives by the library archives of Canada.

Two student nurses amusing young patients at the Children's Hospital school of nursing in Winnipeg / Deux infirmières étudiantes amusant de jeunes patients à l'école d'infirmières du Children's Hospital à Winnipeg

Credit: Canada Department of Manpower and Immigration / Library and Archives Canada
Copyright: Government of Canada

To turn this into a learning object I would ask students to reflect on what it may have been like to be a nursing student in 1950 (approximately when this picture was taken). Before this activity, we would review the historical context of the time period.

geralt / Pixabay



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