I had to opportunity today to listen to a presentation by some colleagues who also do gamification. They emphasized the idea that gamification appeals to a variety of learning styles among many other benefits. The games they discussed happened in-class.


When done right there is a high degree of student satisfaction with gamification. These findings are consistent with ongoing research (Katherine and I are doing).

Escape Rooms

Kay used an escape room as a gamification strategy. This idea was well received by students. An improvement for the future was different organization with time limits. Barb built on Kay’s example and built a pharmacology review in collaboration with some year four students to help facilitate. She says that spending time making sure that the volunteers know their role and how the game works. There were many logistics that would take time to plan in advance.

More Games

Students were given 20 minutes per station. All of this happened in one class.

  • Station One: NCKEX Suffix Video: Helped students explore common drug names.
  • Station Two: Heads Up! Used to explore common concepts and terminology related to pharmacology. This game was relatively non-threatening for learners.
  • Station Three: Jeopardy to explore the fundamentals of pharmacology.
  • Station Four: Case Study – not as fun or interactive as the other games but looked at a client with heart failure. It looked at higher level learning.
  • Station Five and Six: An Escape Room with facilitators for each group. Each level was in a different room. Students really liked this game and learned a lot.

These games sound like a lot of fun and reinforced learning.

We ran out of time to discuss this 🙁


Laura Killam is an experienced nursing educator from Northern Ontario with a keen interest in improving student learning through innovation. For more information please visit http://nursekillam.com/.


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