Today at TESS 2019 Katherine, Sidney, and I are presenting the findings of our research on gamification. I am really excited to share what students thought of the experience and hear from the audience what they think of the findings. We hope to publish the results in an academic journal in the new year so if you missed the presentation you can find out the results then. I would also love to chat anytime.

Piloting and researching gamification over the last couple of years has been a rewarding experience. I have learned a lot about motivation as well as when and how gamification it may be useful. Gamification is not the solution for all student groups. Design elements need careful consideration. Gamification does, however, help to engage learners in my context.

I have to thank Aaron for all his guidance in my game design choices. It was a pleasure working with him as an OE Fellow. I learned a lot from listening to his insights on gamification.


Laura Killam is an experienced nursing educator from Northern Ontario with a keen interest in improving student learning through innovation. For more information please visit


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