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Is Innovation the casualty of contract negotiations? OER in Colleges

I identify as an innovator. Thankfully, I work for an organization that supports Innovation. In fact, innovation is written all…


A desire to make a difference is at the core of what drives me to be innovative. I tend to come up with big ideas about how I want to do something. Some people think these ideas are crazy!

Who is NurseKillam?

NurseKillam is an evolving online version of myself. Now that I have a clearer picture of who she is I can reflect on the value I can offer in this and other online spaces.

Say What? Open Textbooks??

I just finished an awesome three days of being surrounded by like-minded professionals. It was so refreshing and I learned…

Starting Something New

I participated in a technology institute where they had daily activities to encourage interaction among a group of educators who…

Credability = PhD?

Scholarship is an important part of professional development. Lately I have been grappling with an inner desire to get a…

Is blogging worth it?

As educators there seems to be a real push towards this thing called “blogging.”  The process of blogging seems like…

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