Ever since I heard of open education I raised my hand and said: “Yes, I am an open educator!” Today as I read the course content I kept nodding in agreement that I share many characteristics with what they identify as an open educator. I definitely invite collaboration, feel the weight of the responsibility towards the work of others, have an online presence, continually seek feedback and agree that openness is an evolution. If you have not seen the video below yet it is a good one to watch.



Naturally, I chose to assess my level of openness for today’s activity. I signed up for the Open Educators Factory platform and completed their assessment. I found it difficult because many of the things on the checklist I have not done yet but plan to do next term. For now, these are my results but ask me again in December and you will see much different results. 



It was comforting to see how many of their Recommendations I have in progress. I was right – I am open … but I am not as open as I would like. I will keep on working towards being more open.


  • This week I will continue to explore what open educational resources can be used within my teaching.
  • Next term I will engage students in open assessment if they are receptive to it. I am also in the progress of engaging in open badging.
  • Next year I will evaluate the use of open educational practices in my teaching and disseminate results. I also want to strive to be more open in how I design learning experiences.


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Laura Killam is an experienced nursing educator from Northern Ontario with a keen interest in improving student learning through innovation. For more information please visit http://nursekillam.com/.


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