Today we were asked to try adapting an OER. I am going to take the opportunity to adapt something that can be used in BSN4416, which I have started blogging about. Instead of beginning in the module, started with the resources suggested by people in a recent Virtually Connecting session I was involved with. Unfortunately, they did not have a clear creative commons license on them. So I explored the open syllabus project (which was suggested in a follow-up Twitter chat) and again did not find what I was looking for. After exploring several links in the module I was reminded why I usually make my own. It is hard to find good OER for the courses I teach. I decided to focus on something broad in my search: rubrics.

Using the OER Commons, I found this rubric for evaluating rubrics as well as a guide for poster presentations. It was quick and easy to find. In BSN4416 I will be co-constructing rubrics with students for their projects, which will likely include poster presentations. This rubric for assessing rubrics was in PDF format, which is a barrier to adaptation. I needed to change computers as I do not have the tools necessary to adapt it on my work computer.

To adapt it I removed/reworded sections and took the numbers off the scoring system (since I am using feedback focused assessment). Then, I added a section about clearly addressing the course objectives. Here is the remix. This adapted rubric will be a good starting point for co-creating rubrics with my students. I plan to show my students the marking guide for poster presentations and ask them to help me adapt it using the adapted rubric above once it is created

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