SMART Toolkit

Students like video. This presentation gave an overview of the teaching problems that led to using more video in classes. They had a amazing experience working with an interdisciplinary approach. I like the design of the website they are developing. It has a similar breakdown to what we have used in the Cambrian Hub for past presentations. However, the added logic of how the website guides the user experience is awesome. I like the prompting questions, examples, and privacy considerations that are embedded. She said the site is not 100% ready, but it looks well structured.

I love the closing remark – indicating that we need to guide our students through the considerations and technical skills needed to make video. We cannot assume that our learners have the skills to do all of this on their own.

Blended Clinical Educator Prep

This session started with a discussion of the rationale for moving to a blended approach for training nurses to be clinical teachers as well as a demo. They did this without money but they had the help of the IT department and instructional design support. It took several rounds of piloting to develop it. Teamwork seemed to be a key to their success.

I think this is a really great resource and way to teach clinical educators how to teach. The strengths of eLearning helped to meet the needs of their learners who all have other jobs and live various distances from the University. The content development took longer than expected (which seems to be a theme for innovation). She sharing of thoughts was important for facilitating collaborative learning and sharing. Articulate storyline was used for developing interactive activities.

Absorb content, do an activity, then connect through reflection was the guiding structure of modules. We got to try out the demo and I loved it. I wish we had something like this to train our instructors.


Laura Killam is an experienced nursing educator from Northern Ontario with a keen interest in improving student learning through innovation. For more information please visit


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