I am not really sure what I am about to get myself into here, but past GDG events have been fun. Nick is going to teach us about Firebase.

We talked about a lot of the possibilities, which honestly I need more time to explore. I was most interested in the possibilities for working with web building as well as Google docs to update multiple documents at once. I wish I had stayed in Python.

Then went into a code lab where we are building a website. Unfortunately the code resides on the computer unless you zip it and send it to yourself. They mentioned having a future git hub lab where we would learn to use that (I would love to learn how to use git hub).

Now I feel techy.

This was a great learning experience, but I need more time to get through all the steps on my own computer when my Goggle logins are working. For some reason I could only log in to one of my Goggle accounts and my administrator blocked me from using firebase features. Firebase has great potential. Thankfully I could follow along with some peers.

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