My kids wanted to start a YouTube channel. We agreed, after all: Why not? They are learning to be confident, creative, and developing presentation skills among other things. They will keep picking up more skills as they try new things with our help.

They couldn’t quite agree on one focus so we ended up with two family channels: Flexible Fun and Froggy Fun House. We wanted to start one … but Jennifer and Mike insisted on having their own. Flexible Fun was named by Jennifer because she loves gymnastics. The channel is actually focused on challenges. Every Friday (maybe more) we will post fun challenges that Jennifer wanted to do against her brother, mother, and father. These videos have been a lot of fun. The biggest challenge is that they want to do challenges all the time!

The video above was their first challenge. There are more (in editing) on their way. I may be biased but I think they are hilarious! What do you think? The kids would love some comments. They have been asking if there are comments.

Michael picked the Froggy Fun House name because he liked how it sounded. I am pretty sure that Daddy’s silliness had something to do with it. On this channel, we have been uploading games for younger kids, toy reviews and pretty much anything else the kids want to do for fun. Soon we will be playing trains on there as well (Daddy really wants another excuse to play trains … he is building accessories).

Michael and Derek love watching themselves on camera. Watching their faces while they giggle is amazing. Running the channel is a lot of fun for the family. We look forward to sharing the fun with whoever is interested.



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Alan Levine · June 20, 2018 at 6:45 pm

These are so much fun, I just cannot imagine where they get their screen presence! I like the use of multi-camera editing and background music.

I’m curious what you learn about working with kids on the videos. How much are they involved with planning? Do they practice? Or are they one-take pros?

I’d recommend to anyone thinking about doing videos to do some with kids.

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