The LU Teaching and Learning Days opened with a thank-you for the efforts of everyone who is working to change the lives of students. Efforts of various stakeholders who are engaged in scholarship to become more purposeful, thoughtful and efficient in our teaching were acknowledged. This conference opening established an inclusive and empowering atmosphere for all involved (people of various roles both within and outside of Laurentian). Many stream options were thoughtfully planned to ensure everyone had session options that were of value to them. I was caught off guard when Aaron and I were both praised for our fellowship with eCampusOntario. I signed up for this event yesterday and they not only knew I was coming but welcomed me and talked about the innovation happening at both Cambrain and College Boreal. By welcoming us and acknowledging the efforts of neighboring institutions Laurentian is leading the way in collaborative development of excellence in Sudbury. Thank you!

The Anatomy of a 21st Century Learner will be explored and critiqued during this conference. I am so excited. In the spirit of openness, all materials will be available electronically after the conference. An idea for next year may be to collaborate across the institutions and have a call for proposals go out for us to submit abstracts. I am beyond thrilled to just be a participant so if that is too much for next year it could be a future goal.


Laura Killam is an experienced nursing educator from Northern Ontario with a keen interest in improving student learning through innovation. For more information please visit


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