It does. Here is a handy little feature that can help you manage all that email: Rules. Here are the instructions on Microsoft’s website. Below are two examples of how to use them:

Filter Irrelevant emails.

Automatically send irrelevant emails to the trash. Be careful with this one that they are emails that you actually never want to read. For example, if you never use the elevator maybe you don’t need to know when they are not working. However, if you have students that need the elevator you might want to filter them into a folder that you only check as needed instead.

Right click on an email. Go to rules and select Create Rule.
Identify what Outlook should look for and where the email should be moved.

Filter Important Emails.

If you get several emails from a specific person, or about a specific course or project it can be helpful to keep them all in one folder so it is easy to find them. It may be helpful to select “display in the new item alert window” in addition to moving the item to a folder. Just make sure to check the folder as needed.

Select “Display in the New Item Alert window.


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