This presentation was highly engaging, fast paced, and I mostly tweeted the first section of it.

  • The needs assessment is an essential first step.
  • Learning objectives are so important. Don’t have 10 – limit yourself to 2-3.
  • The SET-M is a good tool to evaluate simulation activities.

They talked about the development and implementation of simulated scenarios in Timmins.

  • They needed to get buy-in from partners and speak to the impact on patient outcomes
  • There were several collaborators
  • Do a needs assessment
    • Assess the needs of learners and educators – support team members
    • They made surveys and no one was doing them
    • When they added a draw they got participants
    • They also got some printed out and went to the huddle to get the data
    • Do the survey on the way out of the simulation
  • They posted cards with all the roles and data in the lunch room
  • You need a confederate in the room – an embedded participant – to help guide the scenario and keep it moving along
  • You can identify a lot of knowledge gaps when you do it in a clinical setting
  • Debriefing is important – look up some scripts and use cognitive aids
    • They have a sheet they can share with prompts
    • Make yourself scripts
    • Being a good debriefer is a skill
  • Let people know what the sim man can do

11 Steps

See what you are doing now and what you can do moving forward.

  • Designed in consultation with content experts and situationists
  • Perform a needs assessment to establish foundational evidence
  • Construct measurable objectives
  • Align the modality with the objectives
  • Design the scenario, case or activity that provides context
  • Use various fidelity types
  • Plan a learner-centered facilitative approach
  • Create a prebriefing plan that includes preparation materials and briefing
  • Create a debriefing of feedback session and/or a guided reflection exercise
  • Develop a plan for evaluation
  • Pilot test simulation-based experiences


Laura Killam is an experienced nursing educator from Northern Ontario with a keen interest in improving student learning through innovation. For more information please visit


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