Step 1: Defining the search for #OER related to the Calgary Family Assessment Model #CFAM

Next term (starting mid January) I am teaching a brand new course and I would like to incorporate some open educational resources (OER). The currently required text is: Wright, L.M. & Leahy, M. (2013). Nurses and families (6th ed.). Philadelphia: F .A. Davis. This textbook costs about $45 on Amazon. Read more…

Frustrations with my first #OER YouTube video … I will be open – maybe – If YouTube lets me?

Armed with years of YouTube video-making experience, open videos on YouTube that I wanted to adapt in the spirit of openness, and a passion for open educational resources (OER) I set out to make my first CC BY licensed YouTube video. Today I reflect on the challenges I experienced as I put together the video below … and realized that my video might not actually be as open as I wanted it to be on YouTube.

What is Open Education #OpenEdMOOC

Today’s MOOC experience is really challenging my reflective brain as so many questions are being raised about open education. As expressed in previous posts I share a core value with the open education community, but today I am struggling to fit Wiley’s (2015) definition of open with my reality. Below is an honest reflection on the open education movement as I consider if I can be on the cutting edge of this movement in Ontario.