Sidney and I are presenting on our experience with negotiated grading at the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) 2019 conference. In the true spirit of innovation we are trying something new for this jam-packed interactive session. The first few slides of the presentation will be delivered using Mentimeter to encourage audience participation and allow for inclusive design (people have multiple ways to ask questions).

Mentimeter Voting Link:

Mentimeter Slides:

Since we wanted the audience to direct the second portion of the presentation we will be going back to Google slides but leaving Mentimeter open in the background. The major disadvantage of Mentimeter is that presentations need to be linear. I learned from my students to make the last slide of a Mentimeter presentation say “Return to Google Slides” if I am switching technologies. It helps people follow along. Sidney will monitor the Mentimeter chat while I control the presentation slides.

In Google slides the audience will see the image below. Sidney and I will then ask them to choose what we talk about. We have strategically mixed our top five successes and our top five failures together in a way that will hopefully generate curiosity.

The slide where the fun begins has our top ten observations for audience members to choose from.

The neat thing about the Google slides is that I have used links to other slides in the presentation to allow for an audience directed conversation about the experience. Using this approach

When you go to hyperlink (Ctrl +K) all you need to do to link to a slide is click on the “Slides in this presentation” option then choose a slide.

Screenshot showing that the URL directs to another slide in the presentation.

On the bottom of each of the following slides we have the option to go back to the main findings (successes and failures) using the back button or end the presentation using the finish button.

Screenshot of the buttons that are configured using the same method as above.

Google Slides (Spoiler Alert!):

I am excited to see how this goes. Ask us about it!

Laura Killam


Laura Killam is an experienced nursing educator from Northern Ontario with a keen interest in improving student learning through innovation. For more information please visit


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