This was an interesting way to make sure that learners get access to specialized training. I completely understand that it is hard to make sure people get that in the clinical setting … but I wonder how accreditation views replacing clinical time with a simulation. I think it makes sense, but wonder about how much time should be done through online vs. in-person experiences.

Developing this experience was “quite an ordeal.” The end product looks impressive. This experience comes after the theoretical component and they should be ready. Learners love it.

It seems artificial as it uses a text-based chat. However, learners love it … and it feels real to them. Maybe we need to rethink what we think clinical looks like. I was at another conference where the keynote talked about how simulation saves lives. Hopefully more research is coming.


Laura Killam is an experienced nursing educator from Northern Ontario with a keen interest in improving student learning through innovation. For more information please visit


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