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Creating Connections For Learning Through YouTube

Learn about using YouTube for education.

Frustrations with my first #OER YouTube video … I will be open – maybe – If YouTube lets me?

Armed with years of YouTube video-making experience, open videos on YouTube that I wanted to adapt in the spirit of openness, and a passion for open educational resources (OER) I set out to make my first CC BY licensed YouTube video. Today I reflect on the challenges I experienced as I put together the video below … and realized that my video might not actually be as open as I wanted it to be on YouTube.

Creating, Finding and Using OERs #OER #OpenEdMOOC

In order to be open it is critical that educators have the skills to find and use Creative Commons licensed materials so they do not infringe on Copyright.

What is Open Education #OpenEdMOOC

Today’s MOOC experience is really challenging my reflective brain as so many questions are being raised about open education. As expressed in previous posts I share a core value with the open education community, but today I am struggling to fit Wiley’s (2015) definition of open with my reality. Below is an honest reflection on the open education movement as I consider if I can be on the cutting edge of this movement in Ontario.

Exploring my YouTube Copyright #OpenEdMOOC

A reflective look at Copyright vs. Creative Commons of YouTube videos – a first step towards responsible openness.

Who is NurseKillam?

NurseKillam is an evolving online version of myself. Now that I have a clearer picture of who she is I can reflect on the value I can offer in this and other online spaces.

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