Just a reminder that my keyboard is hard to use because I let my 6 year old use my laptop. It has been really challenging for me to choose which sessions to attend at this conference. It is too bad that sessions are not recorded … but honestly I likely would not watch the recordings anyway. Life is so busy. It is really nice to be physically at a conference so I can at least focus while I am here.

The Process of International Collaboration for Simulation Research
Presented by: Kristina Thomas Dreifuerst PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAAN; Jun-Yu Fan PhD, RN; LI-FEN CHAO PhD, RN; Ying-Mei Liu PhD, RN

It was nice to hear about an international experience. In addition to some of the all too familiar barriers to working online they talked about different ways that they talk about treatment for hypoglycemia. It was nice that they included videos of their international partner in the presentation.

They were replicating US work in Taiwan. Their project was funded. I would love do work on an international project someday but would definitely need some funding. I think that the on-site visit is important to help contextualize the experience. Translation and back-translation took about 5 iterations. They had a tight timeline (that seems stressful).

It sounded like there was a lot of training back and forth.

Implementation was the most exciting part. The DML debriefing received a lot of positive feedback.

Some lessons learned include allowing a lot of extra time to collaborate because of the differences that need to be discussed. Language, nursing norms, and other components took time to work through. This experience was successful and they hope to do more work like this in the future. They hope to explore a multi-site study, collaborate on other more Taiwan centered scenarios, and exploring other scenario types. They said: Sometimes you need to take a leap. And I agree. Doing international work is important.

In Taiwan it is all about performance and they do not typically do debriefing. That was shocking to me.

The team’s team developed through email and networking at INACSL. I loved how they talked about supporting others because their work as a team is stronger than any one person’s work could be.

The discussion was great and I resonated with the idea that this is a two-way conversation. There may be ideas that was can get from others to improve our language with students. Instead of calling it right thinking and wrong thinking they called it best thinking and other thinking.

Professor Rounds in the Exhibit Hall

It was too hard to blog on a laptop while standing. At this I got so caught up in looking at posters and networking that I did not finish blogging. I also got to present 🙂 which was a lot of fun. I was nervous because it was my first time doing any in-person presentation since the pandemic (I have been teaching virtually) – but just like riding a bike it all fell into place and Marian and I did well.


I spent the evening networking, which is by far my favorite part of being at a conference. There are people interested in my work and collaborations, which is so amazing. I really hope I can be at this conference again next year.


Laura Killam is an experienced nursing educator from Northern Ontario with a keen interest in improving student learning through innovation. For more information please visit http://nursekillam.com/.


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